2014 Audi Prologue Concept

The legends are back with another future design. The Audi auto company has unveiled the 2014 Audi Prologue concept. While it is rumored that the prologue may not be a production model, its elements will be included in the A6, A7 and A8 future models.

The Elements Of The Prologue

The most outstanding feature of the car is the single frame grille. The grille has a larger than normal breadth. The designers have also placed the grille at a lower position compared with other models. The concept shows slimmer headlamps with full laser lighting. The prologue has large wheels, 22 inch in size. The interior of the prologue will definitely wow you. The designers have deleted the air vents and included panels instead. One thing that you will notice is that almost everything will be controlled by a touch surface.

Images Of The Prologue

Included below are images of the prologue concept

2014 Audi Prologue Concept

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