2014 Audi Q8

Audi offers the thumbs-round the brand-new Q8 range-topper, Vehicle knows. It is a high-finish Vehicle crossover to crown the brand’s burgeoning selection of planned, sportier 4x4s and tackle the kind of the brand-new Range Rover.

The Audi Q8 depends across the extended-wheebase edition within the next Major league baseball architecture. Baffled by acronyms? Essentially, the Q8 will ride across the hardware developed for the next-gen Audi Q7/Porsche Cayenne/Volkswagen Touareg. Our artist’s impression signifies the way could look.

Producers – especially people within the Volkswagen fold – are progressively developing multiple wheelbases to spin off more flexible variants. Just take a look at Land Rover: its new Range Rover will probably be two measures, because it aims for the luxo-spacious needs of emerging areas for example China.

Marketing bods in Ingolstadt are extremely excited with the options from the coupe-like crossover presents itself its range they have proceeded to customer clinic surveys. It sailed through – and our sources declare that they are feeling confident enough to boost the Q8’s annual production volume forecast to 25,000 models.

Think about the Q8 because the crossover similar to the A8: Audi is planning multiple versions from the limo later on, that is mulling round the regular SWB A8, a LWB A8 and, maybe, a four-seater A9 coupe too – all rivaling the taller, high-riding Q8.

The present selection of Audi Q models use odd amounts, denoting ‘regular’ Vehicle shapes: Q3, Q5 and Q7 are boxy, upright 4x4s. Now it’s planning numerous even-designated additions, from Q2, Q4, Q6 and – here – the Q8. They are coupe-inspired, lower, sportier. Yep, the Evoque offers a great resolve for…

The brand-new Audi Q8 will most likely be an aluminium-intensive structure, made to shave kilos within the existing crop of luxury Sports utility automobiles. Our sources suggest it’ll be 300kg lighter than modern day lardy Q7.

Vehicle knows the Q8 will most likely be operated by a few V6 and V8 petrols and diesels, bolstered by a few plug-in compounds plus a a 550bhp RS version.

The Q8 can be a handful of way off: it’s inside the planning phase and we are unlikely to discover it on purchase before 2017.

2014 Audi Q8

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