2014 Audi RS5

2014 Audi RS5

Its not all driving the situation is identical. The not compulsory Audi drive choose changes handling and response within the touch of your mouse to complement how you have to drive. You’ll find five modes: comfort, dynamic, auto, individual and efficient.

For extended-distances, comfort changes your set-up to make a better ones ride. Dynamic changes the designs for just about any sportier driving experience, modifying steering and throttle response. The vehicle mode changes the device regarding the present driving situation while individual, that will come additionally to some Gps system, allows you to definitely certainly configure the dynamics in the vehicle for your own personel preferences according to what special products are fitted. The efficiency mode changes gears up earlier minimizing later additionally to energy-efficient operation of ancillaries aiding to advertise more fuel-efficient driving.

The 18-inch high-performance preventing system has the ability to safely harness the formidable energy in the Audi RS 5.

8-piston fixed callipers in-front wheels plus single-piston sliding callipers within the rear.

Brake callipers colored in high-gloss black.

Brake dvd disks internally ventilated, perforated having a floating mounting.

Brake disc diameter of 365mm in-front, and 324mm within the rear.

Aluminium tandem brake booster getting a ratio specific for the RS 5.

The RS 5 is created on Audi’s modular longitudinal platform. This innovative chassis enables the engine to mount behind the key axle instead of in regards to this which supports to achieve an even more even weight distribution involving the back and front wheels. It seems sensible an automobile that corners confidently and handles fantastically.

Inside the RS 5, the power towards the front and back wheels is split in the 40:60 ratio – giving the automobile a sporty, rear-focused driving style that guarantees maximum agility and driving enjoyment.

2014 Audi RS5

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