2014 Audi RS6

Vorsprung durch Technik doesn’t visit energy, performance and efficiency. We push the limitations of safety, constantly searching for new methods to safeguard both you and your people. This philosophy continues to be implemented over the range and it has been integrated into the brand new Audi RS 6 Avant security features.

Safety bags

Adaptive technology enhances around the original airbag concept considerably. In case of an accident, the amount of impact and the positioning of the chair are thought and also the deployment pressure from the airbag is modified accordingly. Twin front, side and curtain airbags are fitted as standard around the Audi RS 6 Avant.

Chair devices

If there is a mind-on collision, the 3-point inertia reel chair devices tighten to strap you to definitely your chair more safely, restricting excessive movement triggered by momentum.

Audi’s quattro technology located on the RS 6 Avant isn’t about high-performance handling. For everyday driving, particularly in under perfect road conditions, quattro can help you achieve your destination rapidly and securely.

It functions by different the quantity of drive it transmits to each one of the four wheels, responding in milliseconds, constantly feeling for just about any lack of grip. So, on slippery surfaces, if a number of wheels are vulnerable to spinning, more drive is forwarded to wheels which have better road-surface contact. You do not notice this happening: whatever you feel is much more assured cornering, regardless of the weather.

ESP keeps you pointing within the right direction

Audi’s electronic stability program (ESP) located on the RS 6 Avant, is a mix of advanced technologies that can help keep your vehicle in check in additional extreme situations for example when you really need to prevent an unpredicted obstacle within the road. ESP is particularly useful in adverse climate conditions.

When you really need to show rapidly and dramatically, ESP identifies your intended direction and responds by using the brakes to individual wheels.

Brake disc wiping – keeping the brakes dry

Within the wet, ESP also dries the brake dvds by occasionally using the brake pads gently. Both you and your people won’t notice but, in comparison with conventional stopping systems, your preventing distances on wet streets is going to be substantially reduced.

With ISOFIX, compatible child safety seats could be fitted quickly and safely. On each outer rear chair and also the front passenger chair, ISOFIX mounting points are supplied. The leading passenger airbag could be deactivated when ever a young child chair exists.

ISOFIX mountings are standard around the Audi RS 6 Avant.

2014 Audi RS6

2014-audi-rs6-0 2014 Audi RS6
2014 Audi RS6 - 0

2014 Audi RS6

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2014 Audi RS6 - 1

2014 Audi RS6

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2014 Audi RS6

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2014 Audi RS6

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2014 Audi RS6

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2014 Audi RS6

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2014 Audi RS6

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