2014 Audi S6

Huge high-performance and fade-resistant brakes sit behind the standard 19-inch alloy wheels. The effective brakes deliver truly impressive preventing energy whenever needed, together with first-rate pedal ‘feel’.

The black-colored brake callipers – while using the S6 logo design design design – grip the important thing ventilation disc brakes with four-piston callipers. Behind ventilation disc brakes steer clear of the vehicle within the balanced, safe and impressive way.

Graphite ceramic disc brakes can be found just as one optional upgrade.

When in comparison with conventional steel digital video disks, optional ceramic brakes not just last four occasions longer, but in addition offer high stopping performance, even if driving inside the limit, furthermore to high capacity diminishing. Stopping performance isn’t reduced despite repeated stopping, when driving lower a mountain pass, for instance. The unsprung rotating public inside the wheels are reduced up to around 20 kilos or 50 percent when in comparison with conventional brake digital video disks, leading to noticeably enhanced handling and agility.

In comparison through getting exactly the same brake disc created from steel, these components lasts four occasions longer: the very best abrasion resistance of ceramic digital video disks suggests that they may go on for roughly 300,000 kms. The very best surface hardness within the composite ceramic entails the brake digital video disks are unsusceptible to solid and liquid road salts furthermore to corrosion and rust. There’s without any brake dust either – so alloy wheels don’t get blackened and dirty.

The Audi S6 can be quite distinctive on the highway. Its striking single-frame grille is defined by horizontal slats, glossy black finish and chrome programs.

The perception of the important thing lights possess a more efficient, sharper profile because of the juxtaposition near to the single frame grille.

The Audi S6 is characterised by its primary bodyline, known to as “tornado line”.

Attracted over the type of your body the “tornado line” provides the S6 a extended, slim and taut body, emphasising its beauty that is sport qualifications.

2014 Audi S6

2014-audi-s6-0 2014 Audi S6
2014 Audi S6

2014 Audi S6

2014-audi-s6-1 2014 Audi S6
2014 Audi S6 – 1

2014 Audi S6

2014-audi-s6-6 2014 Audi S6
2014 Audi S6 – 6

2014 Audi S6

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