2014 Citroen Cars

A largely fabric ceiling limited the locations for interior lighting which elevated being apparent through the evening with simply one dim source for the entire cabin.

With two extended-legged adults in front seats, rear legroom is reduced to almost nothing departing a corner seats as just a gesture.

Moving back further still for that boot and even more space problems elevated being apparent.

At 245 litres the location is really quite generous for nearly any vehicle in the size nevertheless its restrictions derive from access instead of capacity.

To assist the rooftop system an inspired hinge mechanism opens the boot hatch directly upwards, nonetheless the resultant void for the boot space makes loading the Citroen a good deal a great deal a lot more like posting letters.

Furthermore having the ability to see the boot within the vehicle isn’t achievable unless of course obviously clearly the seats are folded whereas within the conventional hatchback the boot might be turned up at by getting rid of the parcel shelf.

Although a lot of people might good features do sweeten the inside – literally – An adaptable vent-mounted air-freshener adds a enjoyable floral note for that cabin and sits among a properly laid-out dash.

Because they are typical with many different current Citroens, the controls might be used just for turning the important thing wheels and sounding the horn – all cruise control and entertainment system functions are utilized via column-stalks or across the dash itself.

The DS3 Sport’s 1.6-litre engine is comparable attempted-and-examined unit within diverse selection of bonnets such as the Small Cooper S, Peugeot 5008 additionally to BMW’s 316i.

A turbocharger ups some-cylinder’s output to 115kW/240Nm, which in the small hatchback will love yourself but under enough to create the bitumen burning.

At idle and periodic revs the exhaust note is bassy and satisfying but at greater Revolutions each minute a few in the appear becomes moderate, discouraging using energy for your redline.

The DS3 Sport is just provided having a six-speed manual gearbox, that’s certainly similar to the sporty ethos with an above average feel, the cogs are extremely matched up up up for that strong turbo engine.

Tightly spread but tall ratios allow both efficient motoring across the freeway and passionate progress across the twisty bits.

2014 Citroen Cars

2014-citroen-cars-0 2014 Citroen Cars
2014 Citroen Cars

2014 Citroen Cars

2014-citroen-cars-1 2014 Citroen Cars
2014 Citroen Cars – 1

2014 Citroen Cars

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2014 Citroen Cars – 2

2014 Citroen Cars

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2014 Citroen Cars

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2014 Citroen Cars

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2014 Citroen Cars

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2014 Citroen Cars

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