2014 Infiniti Synaptiq Concept

2014 Infiniti Synaptiq Concept

The 11th annual Los Angeles automobile show was held this year. The theme of the show was “Sensing the Future: How Will Cars Interact with Us in 2009?” the Infiniti answered that question well when they unveiled their 2014 Infiniti Synaptiq concept. They were participating for the first time in the design challenge.

What To Be Expected

Through all the three races namely air, rally and circuit races that they participated in, Infiniti made a conclusive conclusion that 3D hologram may be part of the everyday driving experience. The design team envisions a design that will promote the human-machine interaction through the Synaptiq Symbolic User Interface Technology (S.U.I.T) system. This system is designed in such a way that it will position the pilot properly for either driving or flying. The interior of the car is enhanced with reality system that will display information such as vehicle updates.

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