2014 Mercedes-Benz Vision

2014 Mercedes-Benz Vision

Recently, the Mercedes-Benz automobile manufactures unveiled the 2014 Mercedes-Benz vision concept that is expected to take the world by storm. Before we have seen automobile manufactures use solar panels as means of providing alternative power to the car. The Mercedes-Benz team wants to take the concept to a whole new level.

Features And Design Of The Model

The new vision G-code sports (SUC) has the multi-voltaic silver paint which turns the car into a solar panel which powers the hybrid part of the cars power train. The silver paint also does charge the car’s battery electro-statically when the car is stationary. The car has been designed with deflection air apertures that are located at the bottom front and at the side. These air apertures cool the engine. One thing that stands out with the car is the fact the car produces a blue light when the car is parked.

Images Of The Car Model

Below are images of car model

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