2015 Audi RS Q3

The revamped 2015 Audi Rs Q3 model has been unveiled. The Q3 has received the face-lift so as to compete with the other SUV like the Mercedes-Benz GLA model. The revised version is expected to be strong in performance than the other Q3 car models.

What’s New

Audi are known for producing fast cars and this model is no different. With the ability to accelerate from 0-100km/h within 4.8 seconds, the SUV may be mistaken for a sports car. The engine of the car is more powerful. It has a 2.5 TFSI engine that has a power of 250kW and torque of 440Nm. The average fuel consumption of the new model is 8.5 liters per every 100km. it has an engine capacity of 2.5 L with 5 cylinders and a 7 speed transmission. The exhaust gives the car authority on the road as it has a switchable flap that adds volume.

Images Of The Model

Below are images of the car model

2015 Audi RS Q3

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