2015 Citroen Berlingo Multispace

2015 Citroen Berlingo Multispace

Nearly everybody continues to be passed many occasions by white-colored-colored vans steaming lower the outside lane since the driver ‘pushes the envelope’ once again on his approach to a plumbing emergency. This Berlingo Multispace is basically the identical animal using the advantage of rear seats (and residential home home home windows), some sliding entrance entrance doors and lots of truly inspired trim combinations.

Mr Magoo might mistake the Berlingo by getting an MPV, nevertheless the fundamental shape has number of individuals fooled. It’s a van with home home home home windows. It is also stealthily large, with huge front entrance entrance doors and cramped rear sliding entrance entrance doors by getting a frustrating inclination to spring back. Citroen chosen for just about any measures to distance the Multispace within the white-colored-colored-van image, fitting it with ‘Esprit’ upholstery and numerous vivid colours, including ‘Wicked Red’. The overall effect may well be a like a vacation to a youthful Learning Center, less fun.

The strange appearance, though not doing anything for the street-cred, might be a boon on outings. Other drivers allow you to from junctions, no-one cuts you up and corporations gesticulate their encouragement if you zip past.

Nevertheless it’s not specific at upwardly mobile twenty-somethings, the Multispace is wonderful for families this is where it appears trumps. With two sliding entrance entrance doors convenience Multispace is simple. While, ahead of time, it sports almost excessive headroom along with a utilitarian dash.

This model, the Multispace ‘Modutop’ (not just a Pokémon character, I’m assured), includes a storage system over the ceiling for items you cannot squeeze into the boot. Convey a mobile phone inside the driver’s overhead bin and distance themselves substantially within the lights, however, together with an unpleasant Nokia/temple interface happens. Ouch. The Modutop option includes various small pockets and hatches, in addition to 5 individual sunroofs together with an auxiliary volume of vents. The boot space also warrants special mention. Although large, it’s carried out the challenging-wearing, corrugated plastic that provides to knock seven shades out of your shopping within the littlest corner, so luggage nets unquestionably really are a must.

Driving the Berlingo is fun. It is not fancy vehicle, but unloaded it might provoke a grin. The controls have gone-light and flimsy feeling, together with the upright driving position is appropriate the van, nevertheless still loves to be thrown about. The skinny front tyres are frequently triggered into comedy squealing through corners. Running the Multispace is numerous 1.4-, 1.8- and 1.6-litre 16v models, in addition having a 1.9-litre diesel engine. This 1.6-litre unit is frugal and perfectly sufficient on outings only on roads does getting less torque and breeze-block the advice in the rules from the rules of the rules of aerodynamics limit progress.

2015 Citroen Berlingo Multispace

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