2015 Toyota Prius c

2015 Toyota Prius c

The 2015 Toyota Prius C car model is the most affordable of all the Prius car models. It is a car that has been designed for the city-life. With its compact design, it is very easy to maneuver through the streets.

The Features Of The Car

The car comes with a revised exterior design. It has a large grille than the other models. The designers have included the LED head lights and also dramatic tail lights. The car however uses the same I.5 Liter Four-cylinder engine 73 horse power. The car also features an automatic climate control and a 3.5 inch color info-screen. It has been designed with a 6.1 inch touch-screen audio system which incorporates USB and Bluetooth connectivity. The car includes the star safety system that has features designed to keep you safe while driving.

Check Out These Images

Included below are images of the car model

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