2015 Toyota Prius v

The Toyota auto company has now unveiled the 2015 Toyota Prius V model. This car model will be among the four other cars in the Prius class. The car has been designed as a family car as it is spacious.

The Design Of The Car

The new model comes with more cargo space. The back seat of the car can be flipped and folded to provide more cargo space. The model comes with a 6.1 inch touch-screen with audio display. It also has hands-free phone capability. It comes with Bluetooth music streaming and also wireless technology. It has a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder ECVT Hybrid engine. The car has been designed with high level security systems. It comes with 7 airbags and a star safety system which has advanced safety features. These features include; the traction control, Anti-lock brake system, the smart step technology and the brake assist.

Images Of The Car

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2015 Toyota Prius v

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