2015 Volkswagen Golf R Variant

The golf model cars were first released back in 1975. Over the years the German based automobile company has manufactured different Golf models including the 2015 Volkswagen Golf R Variant model. This wagon like car has been designed as a family car.

Features Of The Model

One of the things that have been upgraded is the exhaust which is wider than most of the R models. The exterior of the car makes it easily noticeable. It comes with large air intakes at the front. It has an 18 inch wheels with 225/40 series tires. This time the manufactures has designed the exterior with the R logos included at the front of the car and at the driver’s and the passenger’s side. The interior of the car is the similar to all the other golf models. It comes with leather seats with the R logos included.

Images of the Model

Below are images of the car model

2015 Volkswagen Golf R Variant

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