2016 Audi TT Coupe

2016 Audi TT Coupe

2016 Audi TT 

Audi needs to be given credit for the upgrades that have been introduced in the 2016 Audi TT models. The progeny comes not only with improved good looks but also with a lust and liveliness that was missing in the prior models.

The Welcoming Changes

The bodywork in the first gen has been improved upon greatly. The coupe is narrower and shorter than the former with beveled edges highlighted by a single frame grille. The LED maps for daytime running and the wheel arches offer prominent features to this much awaited first gen car of the TT series.

The Technical Changes

The TT Audi 2016 will come with a four cylinder 2 liter engine which will offer a six speed manual drive. This car is lighter on the ground as it is made of a composite space frame which is a combination of steel and aluminium. Check out the mages below to know how your dream car will look like.

2016 Audi TT Coupe

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