2016 Jaguar XE

It is one thing to drive a car and it is a totally different feeling when one is driving a Jaguar car model, the 2016 Jaguar XE model to be precise. It has been said that this is one of the 25 cars that the car enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for. Designed with dynamic features and state of the art technology, this car will give you a driving experience that you never seen before.

Design Of The Car

This car has been designed to compete with the likes of BMW 3 series and the Mercedes-Benz S class models. The car has borrowed of its features from the previous Jaguar models. It comes with a rectangular grille and elongated headlights that have been seen in Jaguar XF and XJ sedans. The interior of the car is spectacular- it comes with a three-spoke steering wheel. It has also been designed with an advanced infotainment system.

Amazing Images

Below are images of the car model

2016 Jaguar XE

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