Audi RS5 2014

Audi RS5 2014

The RS 5 has a 7-speed S tronic gearbox. This innovative dual-clutch transmission allows gearshifts to become performed inside a couple of hundredths of the second with without any interruption in energy flow.

This is actually the very first time this gearbox continues to be fitted along with a higher-revving engine giving the performance and also the acoustics that you’d expect from an RS model.

The newest S tronic transmission combines the responsiveness of the manual gearbox using the ease of a computerized. Because of innovative dual-clutch technology, S tronic can produce a gear alternation in just .2 of the second, without any interruption towards the energy flow, permitting you to definitely benefit as fully as you possibly can in the engine’s output whatsoever occasions. For the way you want they are driving, you may either allow gear-changes to occur instantly or, for any sportier driving style, operate the S tronic system while using gearshift or controls change-paddles.

Optional Dynamic Ride Control enables you to setup the suspension based on the task in hands, in the press of the mouse. There’s Comfort way of freeway cruising, Dynamic way of twisting lanes or, should you want to capture the vehicle to some circuit, choose Sport and also the suspension firms, reducing body roll even more. All of this fine-tuning from the ride helps make the RS 5 taut, agile, sporty and precise.

Available included in our new Sports package, Dynamic control can be obtained at excellent customer value proclaiming to offer you the opportunity to change your RS 5 for an even sportier feel and look

Sport differential – all-round driving improvement

The game differential, for any performance accessory for quattro that is standard on RS 5, is made to make driving clearly softer, more agile and much more satisfying – and not simply when you are pushing the vehicle towards its boundaries.

Safe, accurate turning

The sports differential allows the quattro system not only to transfer torque between your front and back axles to counter traction deficits, but additionally between your rear wheels. When cornering, energy is rerouted towards the outdoors rear wheel, literally pushing the vehicle with the corner. The motive force advantages of feeling more in charge and the necessity to make small steering corrections, so familiar within an regular vehicle, be a factor of history.

Why react when you are able predict?

Conventional stability management systems identify errors, then correct them. We believe that’s just a little late. The game differential’s technologies have this type of short reaction time – under 100 milliseconds – that any instability is thought and worked with before it’s any effect. Similar to it never happened.

You are still in charge

The game differential continues to be made to operate in tandem with Audi drive choose. This allows the chance to alter the qualities from the engine, transmission, steering, shocks and also the active sport differential to fit your mood and also the demands from the road.

Audi RS5 2014

audi-rs5-2014-0 Audi RS5 2014
Audi RS5 2014

Audi RS5 2014

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