Audi S3 2014

The brand new Audi S3 features all of the latest in multi media interface controls (MMI) together with a 5.8” slim line design, electric stretching, colour screen and MMI user interface, all situated inside a high-quality cabin.

Front arm-relaxation for any clutter-free cabin

The armrest’s proportions happen to be thanks to the electromechanical parking brake, which frees the area that will once happen to be employed for a regular handbrake lever.

The Audi S3’s leather-trimmed flat-bottom multi-function controls makes driving a lot more of an enjoyment – and safer too. Numerous commonly used controls could be operated while both hands continue to be inside a normal driving position. For instance, you’ll have the ability to switch funnel around the radio and alter tracks around the Compact disc player. With cell phone preparation, you’ll experience true hands-free mobile operation, making and accepting calls if you don’t take both hands from the controls.

A vital choice

The Audi S3 has a selection of two secrets: the handheld remote control key (standard) or even the advanced key (optional).

The handheld remote control key – convenient and practical

Locks and opens the doorways, home windows, luggage compartment and tank filler flap in the press of the mouse

Locks and opens the boot individually

The advanced key – the important thing you can preserve in your wallet

The not compulsory Audi S3 advanced key enables you to definitely keep your type in your wallet constantly. The doorways unlock instantly whenever you approach the vehicle and you may start the engine by simply pressing the beginningOrquit button within the center console.

Xenon car headlights produce light that’s much nearer to daylight contributing to two times around comparable halogen lights, making evening driving, specifically in poor weather, safer and fewer tiring for the eyes. Xenon car headlights are standard around the Audi S3.

The not compulsory adaptive lights swivel within the headlamp cluster. When turning, to follow the controls and cast a wider position of illumination so that you can see across the bend more clearly during the night.

In the rear, the Audi S3’s lightweight Brought tail lights offer greater visibility, transmission as well as an overall safer driving experience, in addition to staying longer than conventional halogen lights. Rear LEDs can be found with Xenon car headlights only.

Audi S3 2014

audi-s3-2014-0 Audi S3 2014
Audi S3 2014 - 0

Audi S3 2014

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Audi S3 2014 - 1

Audi S3 2014

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Audi S3 2014 - 2

Audi S3 2014

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Audi S3 2014 - 3

Audi S3 2014

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Audi S3 2014

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Audi S3 2014

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Audi S3 2014

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