2014 Audi S4

The Audi S4, obtainable in the Saloon and Avant versions, utilizes probably the most effective engine within the range – the three. TFSI with 333PS and 440 Nm (324.53 lb-foot) torque. The Saloon is capable of 34.9mpg despite impressive acceleration of to 62mph in five. seconds as well as an digitally-limited maximum speed of 155 miles per hour.

With this particular helpful option, the task of opening the boot while laden lower with shopping, for instance, is fortunately a factor of history. You just unlock and open the boot having a button in your remote vehicle key. Whenever you close the boot it locks again instantly.

The baggage compartment includes a generous 480-litre capacity. The flat, wide, low floor creates easy loading too.

Separated folding rear seats

Using the rear seats folded, luggage capacity increases to 962 litres.

The not compulsory side door rear window shades significantly reduce glare in the sun with the home windows. The blinds will even reduce warmth whenever you park under the sun.

Departing your vehicle during the night can often be hazardous – particularly if you’re within an unfamiliar place. With coming / departing home function, you can observe the right path is obvious.

Departing your vehicle

When departing the vehicle at nighttime, the leading fog lights, taillights and registration plate light stick to and just switch off following a specified time, which may be easily setup while using DIS (Driver’s Information System) or maybe fitted, the Multi Media Interface. This enables you to employ the car’s lights to help you towards the door of your property, for instance.

Coming back for your vehicle

Similarly, whenever you unlock the doorways remotely, the car’s exterior and interior lights turn on, so that you can get where you’re going for your vehicle at nighttime. Returning home / departing home light technologies are standard on all Audi S4 models.

Audi S4

audi-s4-0 2014 Audi S4
Audi S4

Audi S4

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Audi S4 – 1

Audi S4

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Audi S4 – 2

Audi S4

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Audi S4 – 3

Audi S4

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Audi S4

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Audi S4

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Audi S4 – 6

Audi S4

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