Citroen Cars 2014

If the launched in 1955, the first Citroen DS immediately cemented its devote history just like a truly revolutionary vehicle.

It given suprisingly low-drag aerodynamic design within the aerospace industry, developed ingenious new technology and, most particularly, made an appearance as though very little else on the road.

This Season – 35 years following a DS’ production run ended – Citroen elevated in the dead its nameplate with a number of cars that specific to recuperate a couple of from the original flair.

The DS4 and DS5 model’s styling may have been somewhat stifled by functionality constraints, however, if it found the smallest part of the amount, it made an appearance the DS3 designers stood a much wider sandbox to see in.

Not only did the little hatchback take advantage mind-turning looks, to deal with wind-in-the-hair options from Fiat and Small, the DS3 appeared to become produced just like a cabriolet.

Offering drop-top motoring and drop-dead styling, the Citroen DS3 Cabriolet seems as an attractive proposition, so how does it stack facing another pint-sized convertibles – Fiat’s 500 C as well as the Small Cabriolet?

Prior to getting began let’s consider the outside so to speak because, as in truth, that’s what this vehicle is all about. The actual way it looks outside is almost as vital as the actual way it drives.

The Citroen DS3 handles to avoid searching like other activities on the road without embracing cheap techniques or outlandish styling claims.

In-front, vertical strips of white-colored LEDs from the running lights, which create a mind-turning effect and hang up a method of unorthodox styling throughout.

A look and feel-coloured shark-fin protrusion towards the rear window might be the styling signature in the DS3 which is stressed by matte black roof support beams, which blend towards the canvas roof.

The way a DS3 looks might well be best made clear with the words of just one interested passer-by who simply asked for “is it a concept vehicle?”

Sadly the clever and enjoyable type of the outdoors wasn’t completely moved to the interior.

The adjustable steering column not successful to provide enough distance involving the pedals as well as the controls, resulting in an unavoidably short-legged and extended-armed driving position for taller drivers.

Just in case of the roll-inside the thick A-pillar provides good passenger protection but under normal conditions it blocked viewing road and surroundings.

The rearward view may also be impeded having a small back window that is completely hidden when the roof is open.

Citroen Cars 2014

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Citroen Cars 2014

Citroen Cars 2014

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Citroen Cars 2014

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Citroen Cars 2014

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Citroen Cars 2014

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Citroen Cars 2014

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Citroen Cars 2014

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Citroen Cars 2014

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