Citroen Dyane 2014

From the mid sixties, Citroën’s variety composed the 2CV, Ami six and also the D sequence . The 2CV was beginning to appear each dated and relatively spartan in comparison towards the Renault three and four.

The Panhard problem experienced been taken more than by Citroën and Panhard’s style group, below Louis Bionier was assigned using the redesign from the 2CV because right now, Citroën was operating on the new mid-sized vehiclevehicle.

The Dyane was releasedintroduced in in 1967 – getting a 21 bhp 425 cm3 flat twin inherited in the 2CV together with a 4 mild physique. Being an choice, vehiclethe automobile might be outfitted getting a centrifugal Trafficlutch.

In The month of january 1968 the Dyane six was releasedintroduced, outfitted using the 28 bhp 602 cm3 motor in the Ami six.

In March 1968, the Dyane was changedtransformed from the Dyane four – outfitted getting a new 435 cm3 motor creating 26 bhp.

In 1969, the Dyane six acquired an extra five horses – boosting energythe power output to 33 bhp.

In 1970, the Dyane acquired aspect home windowshome home windows within the rear sections thereforetherefore turning it right into a 6 mild limousine.

İn the identical time, the Dyane six energyenergy went as much as 35 bhp.

In 1973, the entrance handles had been mounted another in place.

A completely new grille was outfitted in 1975 as well as with 1976, manufacture of the Dyane four stopped.

A edition from the Dyane – re-named Jiane – or lion was built in Iran and Tomos and Cimos built it in Yugoslavia.

In 1977, one 500 good examples ofexamples of the Dyane Cabane had been created.

In 1978, the Dyane six acquired entrance disc brakes and also the Acadiane mild van was releasedintroduced

Almost 30 Years Ago, a restricted version number of 600 Dyane Capras and 750 Dyane Edelweiss had been built in The country.

In 1982, the German subsidiary built a set of uncommon Dyanes and 2CVs to be used inside a marketingadvertising marketing campaign for your French cigarette brand Gauloises

Citroen Dyane 2014

citroen-dyane-2014-0 Citroen Dyane 2014
Citroen Dyane 2014

Citroen Dyane 2014

citroen-dyane-2014-1 Citroen Dyane 2014
Citroen Dyane 2014 – 1

Citroen Dyane 2014

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Citroen Dyane 2014 – 2

Citroen Dyane 2014

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Citroen Dyane 2014 – 3

Citroen Dyane 2014

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Citroen Dyane 2014 – 4

Citroen Dyane 2014

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Citroen Dyane 2014 – 5

Citroen Dyane 2014

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Citroen Dyane 2014 – 6

Citroen Dyane 2014

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