Ford Cougar 2015

Right here, it appeared, was an additional sporty, two-door coupe for younger high-flyers who valued fashion. But, similarly, right here was an additional coupe destined to fall short.

Simply because when purchasers arrive to create their choice, pragmatism and also the secure wager rule. Whilst the Cougar and other people of its ilk experienced a brand new appear, good capability along with a new consider around the coupe concept, when it arrived towards the crunch, purchasers nonetheless flocked towards the previous staples, particularly the Toyota Celica and Honda Prelude.

None of which produced the Cougar a nasty vehicle, however it did lump it with also-ran standing within the only theatre of fight that issues – the showroom.

It experienced some wonderful foxhole buddies – the Holden Calibra, latter-day Mazda MX6 and also the Ford predecessor the Probe – but in the end the Cougar flopped.

Which makes it a bit tougher to locate second-hand but additionally less expensive than it most likely ought to be due to marketplace ignorance.

So, what was it and why would you now want 1?

In the all-important look stakes, the Cougar did the company for a lot of individuals. It was a fairly large coupe and also the angular traces assisted it get noticed in a time when much more natural designs had been the style.

Inside, it is nicely laid-out, with good seats along with a little rear seat for infrequent use.

Gear ranges had been great with local weather manage air-conditioning, an alarm, alloy wheels, distant central locking, fog lights, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, energy mirrors and seats along with a journey pc.

Around the security aspect, it experienced twin entrance airbags, side-front airbags, anti-lock brakes with brake-force distribution and traction manage.

It was in overall performance the Cougar stole a march on a few of its much more pedestrian rivals. Whilst numerous coupes utilized two.0- or two.2-litre four-cylinder engines for, let’s say, reasonable overall performance, the Cougar was all motion.

Below that angled bonnet was a V6 motor. At two.five litres it had been little, however it created one hundred twenty five kW. That is absolutely nothing to obtain as well thrilled about nowadays, however it was a good provide of energy back again in 1999.

Regardless of its cylinder rely, although, the Cougar’s motor revved freely and also the torque peak of 220 Nm arrived pretty higher at 4250 rpm. It needed to be labored difficult to carry out, but hey, are not sporty coupes intended to become like that?

It’s simple, then, to determine why the five-speed guide edition was the choose from the crop. The four-speed automated experienced too-large gaps in between its ratios in addition to a torque converter that sapped a few of the energy.

Ford Cougar 2015

ford-cougar-2015-0 Ford Cougar 2015
Ford Cougar 2015

Ford Cougar 2015

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Ford Cougar 2015 – 1

Ford Cougar 2015

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Ford Cougar 2015 – 2

Ford Cougar 2015

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Ford Cougar 2015 – 3

Ford Cougar 2015

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Ford Cougar 2015

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Ford Cougar 2015

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Ford Cougar 2015

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