New Audi S5

Focus on detail

Exclusivity isn’t nearly choice and individuality – sturdy focus on everything inside your Audi S5. Which includes the inlays, the controls, the carpets and floor mats.

Fine forest boost the natural character using their individual grain. Create a unique atmosphere and provide your Audi a really personal touch.

Area rugs

You are able to coordinate your carpets for your selected leather seats by choosing from your choice of 11 Audi exclusive colours available. Floor mats are incorporated whenever you order Audi exclusive carpet but when you want, floor mats may also be bought individually in some four.

Bottom mats

Pick the hue of your car’s floor mats in the same selection of Audi excusive carpet colours, when using the palette of Audi upholstery colours to choose a leather colour for that mats’ decorative leather piping – matched up or contrasting, based on your individual taste.

Audi exclusive allows you to definitely personalize the controls of your liking in smooth, warm leather, in many fantastic colours varying from Alabaster Whitened to Structure Blue. Just like Audi exclusive seats, you actually have a free choice around the hue of the ornamental stitching used.

On some models you may also choose a part wood, part leather controls, providing you with the choice to achieve the same kind of wood in your inlays and controls.

The sleek Audi S5 comes with an understated and classic design. It’s refined and stylish with flowing movement in each and every crisp line and rounded surface.

Beginning in the front, it sits inside a wide stance and because of its lengthy wheelbase and short front and back overhangs, it’s perfectly proportioned. Sweeping over its V-formed bonnet and piercing car headlights, the front-end increases easily and blends right into a low arc formed roof. As the strong curving shoulder line adds yet further character. In the back, the vehicle is every bit bold with broad bumpers along with a striking spoiler lip departing an enduring impression.

Walter p Silva, Audi’s former Mind of Design have been cited as saying: “I am believing that the Audi A5 is easily the most beautiful vehicle I’ve ever developed in my career.” The S5 exudes exactly the same style because the A5. It simply transpires with deliver breathtaking performance too.

These standard 19” alloy wheels possess a stylish ‘5 parallel-spoke’ design.

The 4 round tailpipes possess a chrome finish. Tilted to every side, the tailpipes also help accentuate the car’s low stance.

New Audi S5

new-audi-s5-0 New Audi S5
New Audi S5 - 0

New Audi S5

new-audi-s5-1 New Audi S5
New Audi S5 - 1

New Audi S5

new-audi-s5-2 New Audi S5
New Audi S5 - 2

New Audi S5

new-audi-s5-3 New Audi S5
New Audi S5 - 3

New Audi S5

new-audi-s5-4 New Audi S5
New Audi S5 - 4

New Audi S5

new-audi-s5-5 New Audi S5
New Audi S5 - 5

New Audi S5

new-audi-s5-6 New Audi S5
New Audi S5 - 6

New Audi S5

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