New BMW S1000rr

H . p . Race Cover Package

The mirrors, the key factor signs together with the amount-plate company (like the rear signs) are removed for racing. H . p . Race Cover Package incorporates covers that replace these parts once they have been removed.

2 covers for mirrors, 2 covers for front signs, 1 cover bottom of tail section.

Purpose: Preparation inside the motorcycle for track racing.

H . p . Race gearshift-pattern reverser

Alternative inside the change lever for coping with the progres pattern (up for first gear, then lower for upshifts).

Purpose: Fast upshifts over the track, also when motorcycle is heeled in left-hands bends.

Use while using not compulsory H . p . change assistant might be accomplished.

Along with both H . p . foot relaxation system and standard foot relaxation system possible.

H . p . Race foot relaxation plate, right

Particularly created foot relaxation plate for the greatest side inside the H . p . foot relaxation system for use while using racing silencer (H . p . Race Energy Package).

Without any unnecessary mount for connecting up inside the conventional silencer or even the homologated sports silencer.

Purpose: Body body body fat loss furthermore to greater racing looks.

H . p . Race data logger

Permanent storage of lap and race data inside the data logger.

Data might be launched getting a USB thumb drive for publish-race processing on my small pc or laptop.

Including software for data analysis.

Parameters drenched include speed, engine revolutions for each minute, throttle position, brake status front/rear, gear selected, longitudinal acceleration, position of heel, engine temperature, Gps navigation navigation navigation navigation position and Gps navigation navigation navigation navigation speed, ABS control range, DTC control.

Purpose: Logging and analysis of race and lap data for optimising performance for faster lap occasions.

Akrapovic Sport Silencer

Weight roughly. 1,1 kg (,5 kg lighter than standard version)

Titanium silencer

Fits standard exhaust manifold

Conical carbon finish-cap and carbon trim for exhaust manifold/silencer join

Laser-etched Akrapovic logo design design design design

Homologated for use on Public roads EU-wide

Tinted High Vehicle home home home windows

For elevated visual impact

Tint matched up up up around fresh fresh fresh fresh paint colour

Adds a watch-catching, personal touch

New BMW S1000rr

new-bmw-s1000rr-0 New BMW S1000rr
New BMW S1000rr

New BMW S1000rr

new-bmw-s1000rr-1 New BMW S1000rr
New BMW S1000rr – 1

New BMW S1000rr

new-bmw-s1000rr-2 New BMW S1000rr
New BMW S1000rr – 2

New BMW S1000rr

new-bmw-s1000rr-3 New BMW S1000rr
New BMW S1000rr – 3

New BMW S1000rr

new-bmw-s1000rr-4 New BMW S1000rr
New BMW S1000rr – 4

New BMW S1000rr

new-bmw-s1000rr-5 New BMW S1000rr
New BMW S1000rr – 5

New BMW S1000rr

new-bmw-s1000rr-6 New BMW S1000rr
New BMW S1000rr – 6

New BMW S1000rr

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