New Ford Falcon

New Ford Falcon

At this time, two issues occur: the transmission fluid gets to be contaminated and cannot lubricate the gearbox correctly, and also the coolant wrecks the transmission manage module, that is also situated within the transmission. The tip outcome is really a ruined gearbox along with a large restore invoice.

Ford professionals we talked to mention that coolant modifications according to the services routine are completely crucial to staying away from this, but 1 workshop suggested changing the transmission cooler each eighty,000km to one hundred,000km.

Cooler in a couple of hundred bucks is far much less tension than the usual transmission in a couple of thousand – so goes the logic.

An additional typical FG Falcon behavior is put on within the differential’s centre bushing. This manifests as being a clunk when using off or choosing reverse and it is a fairly simple repair.

The something that was not set within the changeover from BF to FG Falcon was the inclination for entrance brake rotors to put on and warp.

This may be felt as being a pulsing via the brake pedal (and maybe the entire vehicle if it is poor sufficient). Occasionally the rotors may be machined back again to straight, but most occasions it is simpler to exchange them and match new brake pads in the exact same time.

This continues to be a long-term Falcon gripe and also the only possible way to repair it completely would be to match the bigger rotors and calipers that Ford provided as optional deals with its high-performance variations from the vehicle.

Aftermarket brake elements could be another choice which is 1 region from the Falcon we do not thoughts viewing modified intelligently.

Another large factor to look at out for is definitely an ex-rental vehicle or an instance that is been flogged alongside its entire lifestyle as being a fleet vehicle to get a authorities physique or large company.

Rental businesses cherished the Falcon for its dimension and operating expenses and lots of fleets felt a lot exactly the same way.

Crimson FG’s are most likely to become ex-fire-brigade vehicles, and watch out for any instance with shadows around the paint exactly where company decals as soon as resided.

Holes drilled within the dashboard or centre console are an additional giveaway that despatchers or two-way radios had been as soon as equipped to some specific car.

A few of remembers impact these vehicles, the very first to get a verify around the brake booster of LPG-powered vehicles. The booster could create a leak and decrease its help towards the brake pedal. The brakes would nonetheless function, but would want a tougher software.

The next remember was to get a batch of vehicles on which the inaccurate tyres had been equipped. This looks like an almighty mistake, but it is also accurate to mention the Falcon’s authentic, Chinese-made Dunlops had been fairly normal even if sized properly. An FG on its 2nd established of tyres may just grip and brake an entire great deal much better if good substitute rubber continues to be equipped.

Around the security entrance, the FG Falcon is really a strong five-star performer, even though our previous grievance concerning the base-model Falcon stays: no side-curtain air-bags as regular.

New Ford Falcon

new-ford-falcon-0 New Ford Falcon
New Ford Falcon

New Ford Falcon

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New Ford Falcon – 2

New Ford Falcon

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